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Can't Talk | August 23, 2019

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Self Care

Articles on all kinds of self care

Everything Happens

October 9, 2014 |

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, I’m reposting some older pieces about mental health and general braining. This was originally published on May 30th, 2012. Enjoy!

I was walking through Target the other day, which is one of my … Read More

In Which Games Are Methadone & I’m Losing Touch With Reality

September 24, 2014 |

(Flashback time! This was originally posted in 2011, but I’m bringing it back because I like it. Enjoy!)

Sometimes I get frustrated with my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good life, full of good … Read More

Interview: The Tummy Project

August 29, 2014 |

Today I am thrilled to share an interview I did with Christine Thomas, my friend and curator of The Tummy Project–“a place for encouragement, acceptance, & love for others and, especially, for ourselves.” I asked Christine about her work to … Read More

Are You Sure You’re Lazy? On Motivation

August 22, 2014 |

This article is part of a series on going deeper into mental health and wellness.

“I really need to start exercising.”

“Man I should probably quit smoking.”

“I never clean my house, I’m such a slob.”

“I am so behind at work.”

Do any … Read More

Interview with the Reluctant Femme

August 8, 2014 |

Today I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with the fabulous Cassie. She’s the author of both the Reluctant Femme and Brainy Femme blogs, as well as a jewelry designer. Her creations are fantastically feminist and geeky. I’m thrilled … Read More

Mental Health Beyond 101: The Tyranny of Thinking

July 18, 2014 |

This article is part of a series on going deeper into mental health and wellness.

You’ve heard it before, I bet. You should try to think more positively. Look on the bright side. Write some mantras and put them on … Read More

The E-Fitness Experience: Setting Goals and Trying The Fitbit Flex

July 9, 2014 |

Most people wouldn’t call the way I live “healthy”. I’m too self indulgent for that; I eat what I want, when I want, and usually far more than I actually want. I stay up really late, depriving myself of sleep … Read More

My Favorite TED Talks

June 27, 2014 | | 2 Comments

It’s time for another installment of “shit I like so you should too!”

Surprising how these installments appear when I am absolutely bereft of article ideas. But anyway. Here are some of my favorite TED talks.

Stella Young on … Read More

Beyond 101: Intimacy

May 23, 2014 |

This article is part of a series on going deeper into mental health and wellness.

Before we start: I am not talking about sex when I use the term intimacy. I realize society uses that euphemism a lot, but I actually mean emotional closeness, … Read More

Epic Fail: Speed Reading (guest post)

April 16, 2014 |

Welcome back @supersubbers for another guest article! Today he talks to us about the failure of speed reading.

I went to a college preparatory high school with a focus on advanced placement exams, so I wanted to absorb as much … Read More