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Can't Talk | February 19, 2019

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About Nat, Staff Writer



Nat is a writer, gamer, and generally nerdy person who lurks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Posts By Nat

Review: Smuggler’s Run

September 10, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Nat for a great review of the novel “Smuggler’s Run.”

One of the coolest things leading up to the release of “The Force Awakens,” in my opinion, has been all the tie-in media. Books, comics, all … Read More

Hannibal’s Last Course

September 3, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Nat, who delves into the end of the TV show “Hannibal.”

The Romeo and Juliet-like story of two star-crossed lovers—a serial killer who indulges in cannibalism and the profiler tasked with catching him—came to a close … Read More

Making Exercise About Me

May 19, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Nat, bringing us a fabulous piece on the personal aspects of fitness for Fitness Week.

One of the most painful things I’ve dealt with all my life is the notion impressed upon me by society that physically … Read More

A Woman of Privilege: My Love Letter to Vivienne

February 24, 2015 |

Please welcome Nat back for another great guest post!

As more and more people finish up Dragon Age: Inquisition, I can’t help but chuckle a bit at some of the reactions to Vivienne: “She’s privileged,” “I don’t like how she’s … Read More

Nat Ponders

December 30, 2014 |

Hey there Can’t Talk readers–enjoy another great guest article by Nat!

If you don’t see two girls kiss, does it mean they’re not in a romantic relationship?

I’ve been pondering the above question since the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. … Read More

Ever After: Do We Really Need To Know What happened?

September 22, 2014 |

Please welcome Nat, our latest guest writer!

With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out in November, I know the questions posed since the announcement of the game were: what happened to the Grey Warden from Origins and/or what happened to my … Read More