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Can't Talk | March 25, 2017

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Posts By Eris Esquire, Author at Can't Talk

The Crafting System Episode 30 – No One Cares About Dude!Ryder

March 14, 2017 |

No One Cares About Dude!Ryder

On this episode of The Crafting System, Ness and Eris try to reconcile their packed schedules with wanting to have fun and find something that looks a little like success! Part of making that … Read More

The Crafting System Episode 26: Commander Space Bee, Signing Off

November 30, 2016 |

On this 1 year podcast-aversary episode of The Crafting System, Ness and Eris talk to a documentary filmmaker who wants to bring the story of fanfiction itself to the masses. And now that I put it that way, it … Read More


October 21, 2016 |

“This is what happens when you let Port Authority run the show. Can’t expect any better.”

Dad and I are not on a Port Authority train. It’s NJ Transit, and we had to buy tickets from the nice conductor lady … Read More

Fanfiction By Way of Nail Polish

September 20, 2016 |

On this episode of The Crafting System, we finally get to bring you our conversation with Samantha of Incidental Twin. Our technical setup had another case of the gremlins so this one’s a little short, but if you want … Read More

Take That, Space Martin Sheen!

September 6, 2016 |

This episode of The Crafting System is just a big ol’ Mass Effect gab-fest since Eris finally finished Mass Effect 2 and Ness wants to know what that trip through the galaxy looked like…but mostly she wants to know … Read More

The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me

September 1, 2016 |

As I get older, I keep finding new reasons to dislike Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” When it first came out and I was just 5 years old, I didn’t like it because Ursula the Sea Witch scared me out of … Read More