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Can't Talk | May 26, 2020

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About Amelia June, Executive Editor



I am writer, knitter, gamer, geek, queer, sex positive, fat positive, all around no-bullshit artist. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I bring expertise and ten years of real world experience to our writings on mental health and wellness. As an opinionated person, I bring a lifetime of geekdom and outrage to the rest of our content, anything from pop culture to tabletop gaming to that book I’m reading right now. On fiction writing, I’m published now through eXtasy Books and Cleis Press. You can find a full listing of my published works at my website

Posts By Amelia

Beyond 101: Self Esteem (part 1)

November 29, 2013 | | 2 Comments

Go Google “improving self esteem.” I’ll wait.

I did this, too, because who am I to tell you what to do? I found, and you’ll find, 1000000 articles titled “X Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem Now.” When I … Read More

How to Roast a Turkey and Also Get Super Dry Skin

November 27, 2013 |

(yeah. I won NaNoWriMo this morning. That’s unrelated to this post, but I WON NANOWRIMO THIS  MORNING SO TOO BAD.)

I learned everything I know about cooking from Grandma Google, pretty much. When I decided I wanted to do my … Read More

The Dice Are Still Trying To Kill Me

November 22, 2013 |

I like tabletop gaming. I like pen and paper RPGs and I like games that come in boxes. I’m not a min/maxer and I don’t really “play to win.” I just like the experience of sitting around a table with … Read More

Yoga Confessions

November 15, 2013 |

I’ve become one of those yoga people. You know who they are.

friend: “So, my back has been bothering me.”

me: “You should try yoga.”

friend 2: “It’s weird, I’m not sleeping very well.”

me: “Give yoga a shot.”

friend … Read More

Night of the Doctor

November 14, 2013 |

I may be a teeny, tiny bit excited for Day of the Doctor, for reasons including ‘omgwtfbbq’ and ‘David Tennant.’ I can’t help but squee over this mini episode, just released this morning. Can’t deny I was happy to … Read More

NaNoWriMo Tips from Me

October 29, 2013 |

**In preparing for NaNo, I dredged up this post I originally wrote in 2011 (2 years ago is like 50 internet years, right?). Enjoy!**

I’ve read a lot of great articles on getting ready for NaNoWriMo, all about writing and … Read More


March 31, 2013 |

It’s a word now!

I just got back from my nearly-yearly pilgrimage to Disneyland. As usual, I arrived home exhausted and brewing the Disney plague that is now eating me from the inside out. Starting with my brain and sinus … Read More