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Can't Talk | April 5, 2020

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All Tied Up 7/30/2017

All Tied Up 7/30/2017
Can't Talk Staff


I am going down the shore this weekend, so I am carefully picking a giant stack of books to bring with me.

For the drive, I’ve got audiobook of “The Only Rule Is It Has To Work” by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller ready to go. It’s about a pair of baseball statistics nerds who get the chance to run a team using math, basically. This is not in my typical wheelhouse, but part of the Read Harder challenge is to read a book about sports.

I’m also definitely bringing Roshani Chokshi’s “A Crown of Wishes,” a companion novel to the absolutely stunning “The Star-Touched Queen.” Gauri, the younger sister of the previous book’s narrator, is the protagonist here, and she has an unwilling teamup with the prince of a neighboring land to compete in the Tournament of Wishes. Guys, it sounds so good, and Chokshi’s writing is just so gorgeous that I am here to read whatever she writes.

I think I’m also going to bring N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season” and “The Obelisk Gate” for a reread before the conclusion to that trilogy, “The Stone Sky,” comes out in August. (Amelia and I loved “The Fifth Season” and talked about it in Pancake Sex Book Club.)

That should hold me over, but in case it’s not enough, I have so many books loaded onto my Kindle that it’s not even funny. (I’m most looking forward to reading “The Ruin of a Rake” by Cat Sebastian; it’s in the same universe as the absolutely fantastic “The Lawrence Browne Affair,” for which I have so many heart eyes.)



I just finished up my book club pick, “The Bone Witch” by Rin Chupeco. I liked the world building and I loved that the book is largely populated by women characters. While I don’t necessarily see myself continuing on with the series, I think any fantasy lover would enjoy this story of a girl who finds out the hard way she can raise the dead. I’ve also been playing a new mobile game called “I Am Innocent” which appears to be a text/chat and puzzle game involving serial killing and super contrived reasons to play a sort of Tetris. It’s not awful so far. I, like most of my Twitter feed, went on some delightful “Dream Daddy” dates.

However. If I’m honest, my entire life has entered a “The Dark Tower” movie holding pattern. The official soundtrack was just released, and it is fantastic. One more week!



On Thursday, I found out that LeVar Burton—of “Reading Rainbow,” “Roots,” and “Star Trek” fame—has a new podcast called “LeVar Burton Reads,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. For each episode, LeVar Burton hand-picks a piece of short fiction and reads it—no, performs it for listeners. It’s absolutely glorious. Mr. Burton is such a master of storytelling, and his voice is, as it always has been, compelling and clear. The sound effects are also great and add an element of immersion. On a more personal note, I used to watch “Reading Rainbow” as a very young kid. It was one of the shows I watched when I first moved to the United States, so not only is it nostalgic for me, it literally helped and encouraged me to learn and read English. The fact that we now have what is essentially “Reading Rainbow” for adults, has left me nothing short of delighted.




This week I devoured a dating sim from Voltage Inc. called “Irresistable Mistakes.” In this game, the main character goes out drinking with her co-workers, gets drunk, and blacks out. She wakes up the next morning, naked, in a hotel room. Shocked, she leaves the room before she finds out who it was that she slept with. She regrets this almost immediately, because she has to go into work knowing that she slept with someone there but not who. It’s awkward.

After the brief prologue, where you get a feel for all of the possible bed-partners, you pick the route you want to follow. I started with Shunichiro Tachibana, aka “Hot Boss,” and I wasn’t at all disappointed in his route.

So. Much. Banging. And also feels. And also more banging.

I enjoyed the banging and feels and more banging very much.

Sadly, the other routes in the game didn’t really stack up to Shunichiro’s. I know, because I played almost all of them. (Except for the bartender, Go, because he gave me the creeps.)

I do want to mention that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the premise of the game, because, to quote my daughter, “It’s pretty rape-y.” Anyone who is black-out drunk is clearly too drunk to consent, and that’s not something that’s addressed in the game at all. However, I bravely pushed past my reservations because I’d already spent $4 on the route. And also because banging.

I also wanted to mention that this app only features romances between a man and a woman. However, Voltage’s American division has an app called “Lovestruck” that offers a far more diverse experience within a large collection of stories, and I highly recommend it.


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