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Can't Talk | March 28, 2020

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All Tied Up 7/2/2017

All Tied Up 7/2/2017
Can't Talk Staff


Look at how gorgeous the cover for “Thick as Thieves” is. Look at it!

Really, what I’ll be doing this weekend is cursing myself for deciding to take two summer session classes while working two jobs. But let’s instead pretend I’m doing something relaxing—something fun. I finally made my way through the hold list at the library I intern at for “Thick as Thieves” by Megan Whalen Turner, and I could not be more excited. If I didn’t own the first four books in the Queen’s Thief series in paperback, I would already own this, too; instead, I’m waiting for its inevitable paperback release. Megan Whalen Turner is the actual best, and I am so excited to dive back into this universe! (If you haven’t read this series, go immediately to read the entire series starting with “The Thief” because it is so good. Go on. I’ll wait.)

OK, I have convinced myself to do this instead of spending my whole weekend reading about management techniques and organization of information and working and starting my fifth playthrough of “Mass Effect: Andromeda.”




My June television kick continues this week with FX’s “The Americans.” The show is about a married couple Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Kerri Russell) who spy for the then Soviet Union during the 1980s. They speak with flawless American accents, have two semi-cute kids, and live in an idyllic North Virginia suburb while doing all sorts of illicit activities on behalf of KGB. This is all loosely based on a thing the actual KGB did, now the SVR, by the way. The most prominent, recent, example was Operation: Ghost Stories when the FBI picked up a bunch of these agents in 2010. However, the Illegals Program dates back to the days of Stalin so having the show set in the Cold War gives a heightened sense to the spy shenanigans. It’s a good show so far. Philip bores me and I almost wish the show focused solely on Elizabeth because she’s way more interesting than him. However, part of the premise is these two working through marriage issues while spying. So, fine; I’ll tolerate him. I started season one on Monday and I’ll likely finish that up between gaming, and working on a personal writing project, over the weekend.



This week I am playing a ridiculously fun game on Android called “Card Crawl.” It’s a deck building, dungeon crawling game that is smooth and easy to use even on a small phone. As you beat dungeons, you unlock new abilities to make the dungeon crawling even more fun. You can play for free but to unlock everything the app costs about 3 dollars. I just finished the book “Six Wakes” by Mur Lafferty for Pancake Sex Book Club and it was fabulous. I’m also sinking into “American Gods” and wow is it a great show so far.

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