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Can't Talk | April 3, 2020

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All Tied Up for 6/23/2017

Can't Talk Staff

Summer is here, and so far it’s hot and miserable. Check out what we’ve been doing to avoid going outside.




Image courtesy of Funimation


Take one look through my Twitter feed, and you’ll probably be able to tell that I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently. After seeing an announcement about an upcoming live-action “Tokyo Ghoul” movie this summer, I decided to bump the acclaimed dark urban fantasy to the top of my watch list, and I’m glad I did. The last episode of the first season is astonishing and ranks among my favorite moments in television, ever.


The show follows the story of university student Ken Kaneki, a human-ghoul hybrid, and his experiences as he tries to navigate the secret world of human-eating ghouls inhabiting Tokyo. While there are a fair amount of light-hearted moments, “Tokyo Ghoul” is definitely meant for mature audiences. It has plenty of graphic, often-disturbingly violent scenes, but I praise it for its brilliant storytelling and character development (not to mention its visually stunning animation) that made it easy for me to quickly become attached to the characters. I just finished watching the second (and last) season, and it left me an utterly devastated, heartbroken, anguished shell of a person. Click here to start watching, but be prepared for tragedy.




Image courtesy of Studio Ghibli


My library hold on the animated version of Diana Wynne Jones’ classic “Howl’s Moving Castle” came in, so my weekend just became 100 percent more awesome. I’m also about halfway through my reread of the middle grade book. “Howl’s Moving Castle” is the tale of Sophie, a young woman with low self-esteem who is cursed by a powerful witch with the body of an old woman. Her only hope is to have the Wizard Howl lift the spell. This book is so charming, and I’m really enjoying reading it again. I plan to finish the book some time this week and then watch the 2004 Studio Ghibli anime Saturday and feel all the feelings.






Image courtesy Hulu


Every now and then I enjoy a good criminal procedural. So, when I heard good things about a show called “Top of the Lake” I figured I’d check it out. The seven episode series, despite having a very good cast with Elisabeth Moss as lead detective Poor Life Choices, I mean, Robin, left me angry and confused. There were way too many sub-plots that did nothing to contribute, or even tie into, the main story; my least favorite being a random commune of women living in shipping containers, led by a wonderfully surly Holly Hunter. Everyone would go hang out there. Everyone. At one point someone gets shot and they end up out at the commune. Why wouldn’t you, let’s say, go to a hospital instead of checking in with Holly Hunter and her merry band? I just…URGH. If the show was trying to say something, I totally missed it.

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