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Can't Talk | May 27, 2018

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Take That, Space Martin Sheen!

Take That, Space Martin Sheen!
Eris Esquire

This episode of The Crafting System is just a big ol’ Mass Effect gab-fest since Eris finally finished Mass Effect 2 and Ness wants to know what that trip through the galaxy looked like…but mostly she wants to know what romance choice Eris made because, let’s be honest, that’s like most of the game.

The few things we managed to talk about other than Mass Effect include:

  • The Dragon Age series
  • This comic about a very difficult decision
  • A very important update about Eris’s aquarium
  • A snail eating a cube of jello
  • No Man’s Sky
  • The fact that some graphic engines age better than others

And then it’s Mass Effect. We go over everything Eris did wrong, discover the German word for second-hand embarrassment, how hard it can be to not reload to fix your mistakes, and find fun new ways to describe turian physiology (after recording, I thought up “scaly ostriches”).

Reach out to us. Email Ness at and Eris at

Follow us on Twitter: @craftingsystem. Follow Eris at @erissaid. Follow Ness at @paperbytheton. You can also check out what we’re doing on our Instagram, @craftingsystem.

Ness an editor and contributor at Can’t Talk. Eris Esquire runs Law Levels Up.

Our avi is by Chachi Bobinks, and our theme song is “Peanut Butter Cupquakes” by Big Giant Circles.

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