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Can't Talk | August 23, 2019

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Ipsy August Unboxing: Sugar Highness

Ipsy August Unboxing: Sugar Highness
Kirstin Carnage



This month’s Ipsy bag was kind of the opposite of last month’s bag for me. All of the products were in pretty generic packaging, but the bag itself is so gorgeous that I decided to empty out my other makeup bag and make this one the bag I bring with me everywhere. I seriously adore the whole pastel aesthetic, and this has to be one of the best bags I’ve ever received from Ipsy.




First, there is this facial mask from 111SKIN. There are a lot of scientific words on this package that makes it feel more clinical and less refreshing, but it seems as though that’s what they were going for. From the product’s page: “It was tested on real astronauts exposed to extreme radiation and zero gravity (which causes rapid skin aging,) and it was proven to protect skin from damage and give you back that youthful look.” That’s great and all, but these kinds of products are generally out of my price range. A pack of five costs £85 from their website. Despite the fact that I did enjoy the mask, it didn’t wow me enough to spend that kind of money. I think I’ll stick with face masks that haven’t been to space.


This hair product hasn’t been anywhere exciting, but that’s OK because I really like it. IT Hair Care developed this 12-IN-ONE leave-in formula with lots of benefits such as adding shine, repairing damaged hair, and protecting against color treatments, but the most important one to me is that it helps control frizz. I need all the help I can get when it comes to frizz, and this definitely helped. It also smells really good, and it isn’t too heavy or greasy, both factors that I weigh heavily when selecting new hair products. Plus, it came in a full-size bottle, which is always awesome.


I’ll be honest, I was a bit annoyed when I saw this eyeshadow (Spice Market) by Nomad Cosmetics. It’s so similar to some of the colors I’ve been getting lately that I almost gave it away. However, when applied, it is a really gorgeous bronze color, which wasn’t what I expected. The great downfall, though, is that this color does not stay well at all. It fades so fast and so quickly that I was left wondering if I’d actually applied it at all. I’d recommend, if using it, a wet brush and a really good primer.


If there is one product I buy too much of, it’s probably black eyeliner. It’s such a classic, and I wear it daily, even when I don’t do the rest of my makeup, so I’m always thrilled to receive a new one. IT Cosmetics is a great brand, and I love waterproof makeup, so it’s safe to say that this eyeliner was a hit with me. It glides on really easily, does not smudge easily, and stays put—all the things I love in an eyeliner. I normally go with liquid, but because this is a gel formula, it does not have the downfalls of a normal pencil. I super recommend it.


Finally, my favorite product of the month was nail polish by Ciaté London in Spinning Teacup. Ciaté is a really cool brand that I’ve always admired, and the fact that this color matched the pastel makeup bag was an additional bonus. I usually prefer really muted nails in ballet slipper pink or a French manicure, so this was a nice compromise between adding some color and staying subtle. The brush is tapered, which made it easier to apply on both hands. While the formula is enough that I could have probably gotten away with only one coat, I used two for a little extra pop.

If you’re interested in Ipsy and haven’t signed up yet, check out, and let’s compare bags!

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