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Can't Talk | February 23, 2020

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Ipsy Unboxing for June: Rebel, Rebel

Ipsy Unboxing for June: Rebel, Rebel
Kirstin Carnage

It is a rare occasion that I receive an Ipsy bag where I’m enthusiastic about all of the contents. Usually I get one or two items that I’m really stoked about and the rest I can take or leave. This month, however, was the exception. This month’s theme was “Rebel, Rebel,” and as that is also the name of one of my favorite Bowie songs, it started on a good note. The bag itself isn’t my normal style, rocking a graffiti font with words like “makeup,” “style,” and “ipsy,” but the colors are pleasing to my 1980s aesthetic and, for the first time in months, I am happy with everything in it.


The first item I pulled out of this bag was a nail polish called “Wingwoman” by Formula X. I will admit that I was less than thrilled about the color; when it comes to nails I prefer very subtle or nude shades. This kind of reminded me of the nail polish I used to get with my Barbies. In a pleasant surprise, it goes on with a really nice finish (despite how thin it looks) in a much nicer cherry color than it appears in the bottle.


Sometimes I think that Ipsy is psychic—I have been wanting to try more face masks like this for a while. I prefer the masks that come in a single sheet to the creams that you apply, wait to dry, and peel off. I got these BioRepublic masks in both Cucumber Breeze and Pomegranate Crush, which both sound like things I want to drink. As of writing this I’ve only tried the pomegranate one, but it was refreshing, light, and gave my skin a really soft glow.


This bronzer trio by Crown is your basic trio of a bronzer, blush color, and highlighter. I like that these colors aren’t too bright, even though I’m probably too fair-skinned to use the bronzer. For photo’s sake I applied more to my wrist than you’d probably need to; the colors are subtle and light, and blended well.



I also got an awesome lip color by Liptini (in the color Pinktini) that will go with my lip liner from last month’s bag really well. The formula is thick without being sticky. (I would recommend using a lip primer first to make sure that it stays.) Additionally, it smells like chocolate, which is silly but I like when my lip product smells good. Maybe it reminds me of Lip Smackers or something, but I’m counting that as a bonus.


Finally, the item that actually made me squeal with excitement when I pulled it out of the bag—this Urban Decay eyeshadow. Most of my friends know that I am pretty hooked on Urban Decay eyeshadows; I own several of their palettes and I love their formula more than any other eye brand I’ve found. This shade is called “Fireball” and, despite the name and appearance, it’s a really understated color that shows up as a rosy shimmer more than anything. If I layer and use a wet brush I could probably make it show up better, but I like the subtlety of it. If you are familiar with their Naked 3 palette, I think it would have fit in really well there.


That’s a wrap for my June Ipsy! Do you subscribe? Let me see what you got!  

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