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Can't Talk | May 25, 2020

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Ipsy Unboxing for May: Destination Chic

Ipsy Unboxing for May: Destination Chic
Kirstin Carnage

I love makeup. That will probably go down as my most obvious quote of the decade, but I seriously love makeup. I was restricted to eyeliner and clear lipgloss in high school, and nobody ever taught me how to apply it, so the past 10 years have been an adventure. I’ve been finding my best colors, figuring out what I like, and discovering my favorite brands.

This can get expensive. So when I found out that there are subscriptions that send you four or five deluxe samples of different beauty products for $10 a month, I was all over that. A beauty box subscription is perfect for someone like me because I get to try new products that I probably never would have otherwise. (Like brow gel. What even is that stuff?)

There are tons of subscriptions to choose from; I picked Ipsy because I knew a few other people who already used it and were happy with it.

When you first sign up, Ipsy will ask you to complete a beauty profile. This includes things like your level of comfort with new makeup products, any skin concerns you have, and your hair type, among other things. Ipsy customers don’t all get the same products every month; your products are picked based on this profile and items you’ve rated in the past. My profile says I have fair skin, green eyes, dark brown hair, that I am very comfortable and very adventurous with makeup, and my hair concern is frizz.

I love Ipsy, and I love showing off what I’ve gotten. So I figured I would do a monthly unboxing. If you’re considering signing up, you’ll have an idea of what you’re in for!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: my bag for May 2016. This month’s Ipsy theme is destination chic. They send out a little cosmetic bag that contains your products every month, and this month’s bag lived up to its name; it has cute international destinations on a solid background. I got a blue one, but Ipsy also sent out pink and purple bags.



First, I got a contour brush by SLMissGlam. I don’t actually know how to contour, but I might learn just to have an excuse to use this brush. I love the rhinestones, and the bristles are super soft.



Next is a nail polish by Aurora in Old School Pink. I love the neon color of this polish. ‘80s fashion is my jam, and bright, loud colors are my favorites. The formula is fantastic and dries very quickly, which is great if you’re impatient like I am.



I am super excited to try this mask by Épicé International. The company’s facial products are always refreshing and have a more clean scent versus the perfumey scent you get with some facial cleansers.



This is a lipliner by BelláPierre Cosmetics in Nude. It’s very smooth. I absolutely love this color because it’s subtle enough to wear by itself.



Finally,  I got the Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. Their brushes are a little less full than I like in my mascara, and I prefer waterproof, but I do like their formula. I like it best when I am going for a more subtle look.

That’s a wrap for my May bag! If you’re interested in getting your own, you can subscribe at


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