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Can't Talk | May 30, 2020

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Ten Second Reviews

Ten Second Reviews
  • On May 8, 2015

Ten second reviews to help you spend (or avoid spending) your entertainment time and money!


Cinderella–Look, the most memorable thing about this movie is how tight the pants are. I cannot overstate¬†how tight these pants were, guys. There is a stunning, emotional scene between a father and son that I am still reeling from. Otherwise, pretty meh. Cate Blanchett is fantastic.


Among Others–this Hugo-winning book by Jo Walton was a weird little story that takes place after a big thing happens. It’s basically a long epilogue to a story you don’t get to read. Not much happens in the book, but her writing and character development are truly magnificent. I can’t decide if I liked it or not. The main character reads a fuckton of classic science fiction, so if nothing else Among Others acts as a great reading list.


The Virgin–I loved this most recent addition to the Original Sinners series as much as I loved the others. Tiffany Reisz writes awesome books and you should read them now. If you need any more incentive, this book features several sex scenes with a nun.


Fibbage–A super fun, streamlined version of Balderdash for consoles. It’s a party game where you each use your smart phone or tablet as controllers and the results show up on your television screen. It’s surprisingly bug-free and really funny to play.


God of War Ascension–formerly of the Playstation 3, this is now available for rent on Playstation Now. I sobbed with joy when I discovered I could play all the God of War games I missed when I was in XBox land. I find the controls a tiny bit lagged which can mean the difference between plummeting to your death or surviving in GoWA, but otherwise I enjoyed the game a ton. Not much to say about GoW–kill things in vicious ways, context sensitive cut scenes, fun puzzles, boobs everywhere, hot angry dude in a skirt. Who needs more convincing? There’s apparently PvP, but I didn’t partake of that option so I don’t know if anyone is still playing.

Women In Podcasting–a great little website collection curated by Marina Martinez. If you’re looking for more podcasts, check her site out!

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  1. Melissa

    I love fibbage! Sex scenes with a nun, you say?

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