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Can't Talk | May 25, 2020

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PAX Prime 2015: Changes are coming

PAX Prime 2015: Changes are coming

PAX Prime badges went on sale this afternoon and, as usual, sold out immediately. The social media chatter blazed as people scrambled to get into queues and obtain their badges. To the surprise (and anger) of many, this PAX event marks the death of the 4-Day badge. Only single day badges were available for purchase.

This isn’t the only change coming. The Official PAX Site noted the additional changes:

Another PAX Prime is on the horizon! Can you feel it? That special ache in your teeth? And everything smells like copper? I might be having a stroke.

But hey, we’re shaking up a few things in order to min-max your enjoyment-per-second at the event.

Change #1. No more Queue Hall. The biggest complaint we get is the Expo Hall being overcrowded. With that in mind we’re going to take the space that was the Queue Hall and spread it evenly throughout the halls to widen the aisles. This means the same amount of exhibitors with hopefully more elbow room.

So… where do you line up to get in the convention center? That’s a great question! We’ll have two primary “entrances” running simultaneously in the morning – One will be the Convention Center (head to the main entrance on Pike and building staff will direct you where to go), and the other will be at the Annex. BOTH will be let into the show at 10 AM sharp, so you can go to either location in the morning.

Change #2. No stopping in mid-aisle to take photos – particularly of cosplay. If you want to take cosplay pics, that’s cool, we just ask you do it off the Expo Floor. Pictures within a booth, provided it’s been approved by the exhibitor, are fine. We’re trying to make sure people don’t randomly stop and cause traffic problems.

Change #3: Lastly we will be doing away with 4-Day badges. When looking over the data, we saw that people were buying 4-Day badges and not using them for the full four days. By switching everything over to single days, we can help ensure that every sold badge actually gets used. Since the show isn’t falling on Labor Day, it would have made the “not using the Monday part of their 4-Day badge” situation even more pronounced.

Hopefully with all these changes, we’ll be able to provide an especially enjoyable environment for everyone and make sure the maximum number of people can take part in the festivities.

After all, it’s only 112 days away!

The original article can be found here on the official PAX Site.

Even before I read this particular news, dropping the 4-Day badge made a lot of sense. Conventions are exhausting. After three days of walking the show floor, a lot of people are tired out. So tired that they are likely to take a break and skip a day. This is totally fine but it also blocks a person who may have wanted to attend that day. After all, only so many people can be sold tickets to ensure proper capacity.

Utilizing the queue hall space as exhibitor space is also a good move. Anything that spreads out the convention and allows for less jam-packed walk-ways between booths is a good idea. I’m interested to see how the new setup plays out.

I’m also very happy about the rule against taking cosplay photos in the middle of the show floor. It really does cause issue with traffic flow, and has been one of my own personal complaints at every convention I’ve attended.

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