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Can't Talk | April 6, 2020

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Self-Care Thursday

Self-Care Thursday

Today started off on the right foot, aside from the fact that it wasn’t until late afternoon when I realized it wasn’t Wednesday. I woke up early to the sweet voice of Cullen Rutherford (no really, Greg Ellis recorded alarms and ringtones for fans), I took my vitamins, I had my morning latte, and I carried on with menial adult tasks. Being productive in the menial-adult-tasks department is quite an achievement in my opinion. It’s usually filled with boring or stressful tasks and really when it comes down to it you have to even if you don’t want to.

Today was also the first day it actually felt like Spring. There’s still snow on the ground in some of the shady patches, yes, but it was warm enough to trade up my indoor slippers for my indoor flip-flops. After realizing it was Thursday, I sat down with the intention of writing something acceptable for this site. Unfortunately, I’ve been having issues with doing anything at all at my laptop without getting a roaring headache. This includes gaming. Thedas needs me and I have a blasted headache! The Inquisitor would be ashamed.

Then someone invited me out for a walk. Sure! Fresh air would likely do my head some good. 6.5km later my dogs were giving me tired looks, I was sunburned (typical fair Canadian I am), and exhausted. But I was elated! Nothing really lifts the spirits like a good walk. I even saw a few beavers. No weird joke intended. I mean literal beavers doing beavery things. Nature is cool, guys.

Where am I going with this post? Absolutely no where. I’m so tired that I was tempted to post a single picture of my cute sleeping dogs. Maybe you’d have preferred that? I’m sorry. Saying sorry felt like the stereotypical Canadian thing to do. I mean I already mentioned our great mascot, the beaver.

Since I mentioned vitamins, headaches, and exercise this can go under Mind and Body, yeah? This feels like a self-care sort of day. Carry on.

What do you do for headaches?

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