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Can't Talk | January 24, 2020

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Ghosts of Can’t Talk’s Past

Ghosts of Can’t Talk’s Past
  • On December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays! We sincerely hope all of you find some down time this weekend to snuggle down with some hot chocolate or tea and a good book (or whatever fun time you prefer).

There’s nothing better for cleaning up wrapping paper or riding the train to work than one of our favorite Can’t Talk Podcast episodes. Here are a few blasts from the past to listen to as you go about your holiday weekend. If nothing else, you can use them as a reminder that someone out there probably curses more than you do.


Episode 5: More Power To You If You Can Suck a Cock Like That

Probably our most mentioned podcast. We’re… proud?

Episode 12: Invictus

On living with mental illness.

Episode 20: Congratulations, You Got Your Dick Wet

The privilege whisperer joined us for a talk.

Episode 35: Giant Penis With A Mustache

Basically we talked about penises.

Episode 46: Not All Men…

Our halcyon days of feminism and gaming talk pre-thing that shall not be named. (Don’t worry, we haven’t stopped doing this.)

Episode 53: The Safe Word Is Spatula

The awesome Cody joined us for talk about gender.

Episode 70: Squee and Episode 72: Cullen

We were so blessed to be able to interview Allegra Clark and Karin Weekes about their work on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Big huge thank yous and love to both of them!!

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