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Can't Talk | June 19, 2019

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Ten Second Reviews: Amelia’s November

Ten Second Reviews: Amelia’s November
  • On November 21, 2014

More ten second reviews from the Can’t Talk team who brought you other ten second reviews.

Neverwhere the audio book: Great, fun read by Neil Gaiman (author and voice performance). I am the only one in my family who enjoyed this, which proves only that I’m surrounded by animals.

Before I Go To Sleep: A fun, thriller movie with only one female character of any depth. On the other hand, she kicks some MAJOR ass and that’s delightful. Better than Gone Girl by a country mile.

Elementary Season 3: So far the plot device that Sherlock got a new assistant is terrible. They’re playing up a jealousy between Watson and the new girl Kitty and it’s gross. It’s a cheap thing, girls fighting over a man, and not like the writers of this show.

How to Get Away With Murder: The first episode of this show made me hate everyone, but later episodes are fixing that issue. See also: awesome inclusivity, Viola Davis, high octane plot, lots of sex. I’m in.

A Case of Possession: Sequel to The Magpie Lord, another installment in this series of supernatural tales about a reluctant Lord and his sorcerer boyfriend. Fun times.

Serial: A true story of a murder investigation told one podcast at a time by Sarah Koenig and produced by This American Life. Hella addictive, HELLA.

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