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Can't Talk | May 30, 2020

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Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up 6/30-7/5/14

Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up 6/30-7/5/14
Can't Talk Staff

A comprehensive list of all the shit the Can’t Talk team did this week!

Podcast Monday, June 30th:

Episode 50: A Noodle Full of Herpes

Bell and Amelia talk about romance novels: Why read them? Why are people ashamed of reading them?

Tuesday, July 1st:

Let’s Play The Secret World

Wednesday, July 2nd: 

Cookie Cake: Our One-Year Anniversary Videocast!

Bell has thoughts about biphobia, representation, and video games. 

Thursday, July 3rd:

Melissa got more Sailor Moon goodies! Check them out!

Friday, July 4th:


Amelia talks about the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision.

If you want more Can’t Talk, you can find us all over the intertubes:

On YouTube for Let’s Play and other fun things

On Twitter @canttalkmedia

On Facebook (please, won’t  you like us?)

Can’t Talk, Tumblr

Zazzle Store (seriously, the buttdotbutt mugs are pretty cool)

Can’t Talk at Stitcher Radio

Amelia’s Website (re: writing stuff and published fiction)

Reset Transmission (video game podcast featuring Melissa)

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