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Can't Talk | February 23, 2020

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Unboxing: Petit Chara! Sailor Moon

Unboxing: Petit Chara! Sailor Moon

Remember that time I told you all about the history of the Sailor Moon franchise? You might recall the bit about all the cool new merchandise that’s being released. Well, I’ve been able to get my hands on Petit Chara! Sailor Moon and it’s time to show it off.

Megahouse has produced three series of super cute Sailor Moon figures. The first series released is called Petit Chara! Sailor Moon Puchitto Oshiokiyo and features Sailor Moon with the Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and Luna. Within each series, each figure typically has two versions and sets come completely blind box. Each box set contains six smaller boxes at random. Luna and Artemis are random inserts as well.

The first box contained my favourite Inner Senshi, Sailor Jupiter (Type B).

Sailor moon 03jpg

Next up was the leading lady, Sailor Moon (Type B), joined by Luna! I’m so happy!

Sailor moon 04

Sailor Mars (Type B) was to follow. So cute!

Sailor Moon 05

The seriously dreamy Tuxedo Kamen (Type B) made an unmasked appearance.

Sailor Moon 06

The Soldier of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus (Type A) along with Artemis was the next figure. I’m so lucky!

Sailor moon 07

Finally, Sailor Mercury (Type A) was opened.

Sailor Moon 08

The whole set of figures together. I still need to invest in a proper display set up.

Sailor moon 01

At the end of June 2014 the Petit Chara! Sailor Moon Atarashii Nakama to Henshin yo! will begin shipping out. It features Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and the Outer Senshi. Luna P is a randomly drawn insert. Crossing my fingers! I have a set coming my way.

A series featuring Sailor Moon, the Inner Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen in their casual wear is currently available for pre-order. I need all the Petit Chara! Sailor Moon sets. ALL OF THEM.


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