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Can't Talk | May 19, 2019

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My Favorite TED Talks

My Favorite TED Talks
  • On June 27, 2014

It’s time for another installment of “shit I like so you should too!”

Surprising how these installments appear when I am absolutely bereft of article ideas. But anyway. Here are some of my favorite TED talks.

Stella Young on why being inspired by someone with a disability is kind of shitty.

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. Bring a box of kleenex.

Shawn Achor on happiness at work and positive psychology. Money quote: “That’s most people’s Friday night.”

Jill Bolte Taylor on her stroke and the impact on her brain.

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity. I love the thing about a poem coming in backwards.

Brene Brown. Duh.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Fluidfyre

    Ooo I’ve seen a few of those, very good talks. Brene Brown was one of the first I watched.

    I’d also recommend:

    ‘The pursuit of Ignorance’ (, has insight on the scientific process, and made me feel better about how I feel about being a scientist! It made me feel like I was on the right track.

    ‘The antidote to apathy’ ( about barriers that keep us from getting involved politically/in our community/with others etc.

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