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Can't Talk | August 23, 2019

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E3 2014: In Which I’m Surprisingly Excited

E3 2014: In Which I’m Surprisingly Excited

I’ve been ridiculously busy. Between the packing, the moving, the unpacking, and a recent promotion at work accompanied by more responsibilities and longer hours, I feel like the least interesting person I know.

While I currently live a life of boredom, E3 2014 has managed to spice up my last few work days. E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo industry-only event. It’s the event that all consumers dream of going into and the event that all industry people seem to dread. It’s massive. I was so engrossed that I wasn’t exactly the poster gal of productivity, but E3 only happens once a year. It should be an international holiday for all geek-kind. Let me tell you about my feels.

I’d never felt the desire to join the ranks of next-gen adopters. Until now. Sony did it. Sony got me hyped. By the time Sony got to Destiny in their press conference and began talking about Alpha and Beta, I needed a PS4. Then they unveiled the white PS4 and I was glad I waited. That machine is so fucking sexy. It will be mine. It is my destiny.

Speaking of Destiny, I don’t even know why I’m excited for this game. I’ve never been into Halo. I definitely don’t care for FPS and yet here I am, totally excited to play it. It’s got to be the futuristic setting (which I love) and the fact that at least one of the Guardians are female. (Peter Dinklage narrating the trailer might have also compelled me onto the hype train.)

Anything with Tom Clancy in the name makes me think emotionless shooter, but I’ve been interested in The Division ever since I saw a demo last year. Not only does is it like an open-world RPG that features co-operative game play but did you see that trailer? It’s emotionally intense.

One feature that seemed to be omitted during actual game play streams this week was the tablet/smart phone integration. You can literally join your friends in game play from a different angle via app on your tablet or smartphone. The app gives you a bird’s eye view of the field and the ability to assist allies by attacking enemies, enhancing team member’s abilities, or placing targets. Sometimes app features are gimmicky. This one looked plain cool.

Another game to tickle my co-operative game play fancy is Evolve. From the makers of Left for Dead 2 comes a 4v1 which features giant monsters. Basically kaiju. Kaiju are cool and so is this game. The game has had a presence at other events but I have to mention it because GIANT MONSTERS. You can literally be the kaiju. E3 revealed another monster type, the Kraken. You can also play as a woman. Enough said.

When inFAMOUS Second Son debuted last year, I was interested but by itself it wasn’t enough to make me want to buy a PS4. It looked fun, even seemed like it had an inkling of good story, but the game had a male lead. I typically enjoy games with a playable woman protagonist much more. Then E3 unleashed inFAMOUS First Light. It’s stand alone DLC with what looks like a totally kickass lady-lead. If you like playing as a woman as much as I do, you better fucking buy this. Show the male-dominated market woman characters sell.

We all knew Dragon Age: Inquisition was going to be at E3. As a BioWare fan, no more words are needed.

Also, Mass Effect 4 is in development. Duh. This clip, which gives almost no information, is just as exciting as the Dragon: Age Inquisition trailer. BioWare is also working on a new IP. Cue flailing! Interactive narrative is my absolute favourite type of game and BioWare knows how important it is to represent different gamers. Diversity!

What excited you during E3 week? Did anything disappoint you? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. You know, I used to have money. Now I have a stack of video games I want. THANKS MELISSA.

    • Melissa Kay

      Well we’ll have to coordinate platforms! YOU’RE WELCOME <3

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