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Can't Talk | May 26, 2020

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| On 06, May 2014

We at Can’t Talk Media are indescribably excited to announce that we have a new contributor! Meet Melissa Kay: melissabiopic

I’m an eclectic spirit of the Great White North with far too many interests and not enough time. My gaming hobby set me onto the path of blogging, podcasting and a diverse network of friends. I have a degree in Sociology, a field of study where the graduates are dubbed Defenders of Perversion, so I’d like to think that I have a lot of unconventional ideas about life and disagree with the status quo. I prefer a bit of science fiction and fantasy in my consumable media, however I also enjoy a few period pieces here and there. My dogs and my cat are like my children. I like cute things and neat gadgets. Nature is nice. You can always find me on Twitter @thequadskater. Always.

Melissa is also a regular member of the Press2Reset podcast team. We’re very pleased to welcome her to our little corner of the intertubes. We are looking forward to what she Can’t Talk about!

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