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Can't Talk | August 19, 2019

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Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 43: Real Gamer ™

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 43: Real Gamer ™
Can't Talk Staff

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We’re talking about origin stories again, but this week it’s our own. We talk about the first games we played, the first consoles, the best memories. It’s a good time.

Amelia finished all the things she’s already talked about.

Bell recommends Ink Master on Spike

Also Mentioned:

Kitchen Nightmares

The Coup


Sex Sent Me To The ER



The Order: 1884


Mario’s Duck Hunt

Super Mario Brothers 2


Fool’s Errand


Sim City


Skull Monkeys

Grand Theft Auto

Final Fantasy


Crash Team Racing

Resident Evil

Monkey Island

Hand of Fate

King’s Quest




 (Image: cover of Skullmonkeys, copyright Electronic Arts)

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  1. Fluidfyre

    I always say, of course I’m going to hell, that’s where all my friends will be.

    I lose sleep when I have exciting games to play. Oh yeah, I go to work. But I subsist on like 4/5 hours of sleep… it’s baaaaad. ME3 was like that. I try to slow down my playing, but I agree with DesertBell. I don’t want my game ruined by the internet. It’s only with games I really care about though, the rest I play slower, wait longer etc.

    I also find there is something about… playing a game through at the same time a whole bunch of friends are. It becomes a bit of a shared experience, going through the trials/tribulations together.

    Hearing you describe the atari and your TV gave me sooo many flashbacks to my childhood.

    • Well it will be one big LAN party down there I guess!

  2. Cody

    Gamer origin stories. I know my first experiences playing games were on an Apple 2 and later a Power Macintosh. The Fools Errand and Myst are both games I remember actually! But also some strange vampire themed air hockey game, and an ultima clone called Taskmaker and the Monkey Island games.

    I generally feel that I “became” a gamer later on when I got my first console. Not so much because it was a console, but because that’s when I started “gaming” as a specific activity, and was able to connect to other kids about it. So we got a Sega Mega Drive with The Lion King and Ecco The Dolphin for Christmas one year. At that time I was big into platform games and puzzle games. Wasn’t really allowed to play violent games, so missed out on a lot of fighters and shooters.

    Later on my uncle got me into first person shooters with the original Half Life, and later on Deus Ex and No One Lives Forever. Half Life and NOLF were the first games I played online, and got me into a more competitive, community-based side of gaming.

    This was a fun episode!

    • I love that someone else remembers Fool’s Errand because like NO ONE PLAYED THAT. You’re not the only Lion King fan, either, although I never played it myself.

      Good times!!

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