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Can't Talk | August 23, 2019

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Episode 7: Flemeth’s Flemish

Can't Talk Staff

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This week Amelia and Bell talk about reality shows, which kind of sucks for Bell because she has to write the show notes and there are a LOT of links this week. Which she almost decided not to look up because she’s pretty sure you guys don’t use them anyway.  We also have a question for you this week: How willing are you to put your boobs on TV? Hypothetically. We’re not actually going to put any boobs on TV.

Amelia haaates Mad Men.
Bell LOVED Gone Home.
Also mentioned:
Amelia’s a Douche sometimes
Also, for some reason I have “Dick space” written on my notes, although I have no idea why. Just thought I’d share. 
**ooh I know this one. It’s because I was running out of disk space on the computer but I said “dick space” on accident. Although why you wrote it down, I have no idea. –Amelia
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