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Can't Talk | May 26, 2020

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Episode 4: Controlling the tone of your butt-farts

Can't Talk Staff

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We have titles like that and still call ourselves adults. 

Anyway, on this episode, Amelia is enraged by a quote by Ani DiFranco, inspiring the “ladies” (I use that term as lightly as humanly possible) to discuss the choices women have available to them, the choices they make, and how they are judged by other women and by society in general for those choices. Then we have special guest Daxhack provide an expert’s opinion on whether it’s possible to play songs with your butt. 
The offending quote: 
“The pains associated with menstruation and childbirth (even the emotional pain) are the price of having agency with the bloody, pulsing, volcanic divinity of creation, and they lie at the core of feminine wisdom. The literal experience of “my body is your body / your blood is my blood” holds great insight into the way of things. A self-possessed woman in childbirth can be a powerful teacher for all (including herself) on the temporality, humility, and connectedness of life. What if the medical establishment that purports to be saving women from the specter of pain and danger is instead ejecting them from the seat of their power?” -Ani DiFranco
Bell adored Pacific Rim
Also mentioned: 
LOST (although honestly, when DON’T we reference LOST?)
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